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Patient education materials

for people living with diabetes 

Partnering for Change has developed materials to be used for peer support education to empower patients to better self-manage their condition and live well. 

Empowering people living with diabetes to effectively self-management the condition is widely recognised as being key to the improvement of clinical outcomes. Research on models of care for patients living with diabetes and/or hypertension in humanitarian settingsconducted by our global academic partner, LSHTMidentified peer support groups as a potential solution currently lacking in humanitarian settings. 

To aid peer support groups for people living with diabetes in humanitarian settings, we developed patient education materials tailored to fit a Middle Eastern and humanitarian context and available in both English and Arabic. The materials, originally developed by Novo Nordisk, are based on scientific research and evidence and have been reviewed, adapted and vetted by the Danish Red Cross andPrimary Care International 

Since the end of 2022, the materials are being used in a clinical setting by the Lebanese Red Cross Society, as part of theBridging The Gapproject, in peer support groups for refugees and vulnerable host populations living with diabetes and/or hypertension. These peer support groups provide a space for continued disease education, experience sharing and mutual support. The project process and outcomes will be evaluated by our global academic partner, LSHTM, together with the Danish and Lebanese Red Cross. 

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